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We first found Watusi in 2010 and from the very first time we saw them, they were the breed that we fell in love with. From their magnificent horns and bearing, they are truly “The Cattle of Kings” Each and every one of them has a different personality and it is really a breath taking sight to watch them every day. We have a small farm that raises Foundation Pure, Native Pure and Non-Registered Watusi cows. We strive to have the best of the breed without any steroids; Feeding them grass, hay, grains and other natural foods. We have recently started raising Registered Charolaise Cows and Brangus Cows also.

History of the Watusi
Ankole-Watusi cattle are the show-stoppers of the bovine kingdom. Medium-sized animals, with long, large-diameter horns, they attract attention wherever they appear. These regal animals can easily trace their ancestry back more than 6,000 years and have often been referred to as "cattle of kings."
Watusi cattle did not just suddenly appear – they have been in existence for thousands of years. They, like all domestic cattle,

are descendants of the Aurochs, the prehistoric “Wild Ox” mentioned in the Bible. The Aurochs roamed Europe, northern Africa and parts of Asia, becoming completely extinct in 1627 when the last one dies near Warsaw, Poland. Watusi cattle were evidenced in drawings on cave walls and pictured on Egyptian monuments. It is known that they were introduced to western Uganda as early as A.D. 1200 by the Bahima, a pastoral people from the north. However, information on tomb drawings shows long-horned cattle had been domesticated in the Nile Valley by 4000 B.C., before historic times

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